My first trip to the Philippines

One spring we decided to go to the Philippines. So we booked a flight and flew the next day. It took about 2 days total to get there and that includes lay overs.

Once we arrived in Manila and stepped outside of the airport immediately our breath was taken away from us by the hot humid air and smog. It took some getting used to.

We stayed in a hotel that night and boarded another flight to Bacolod the next day. Upon arrival we were greeted by family at the airport and they took us to their house. On the way we stopped at one of the many street food vendors and picked up some chicken. This chicken was seasoned with spices, soy sauce, and calamanci. It was some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. And it was only the equivalent to one dollar!


For the next 4 weeks we went shopping, went to the beach, went deep sea fishing and just hung out everywhere. It was a very fun vacation and I’d recommend going to the Philippines to anyone.